A design patent can be granted to protect industrial designs or models, i.e. designs for the colouring and form of two- or three-dimensional industrial products which are new and characteristic.


  • Novelty:


  • It is demanded that the design or model be new at the time of application.


  • Characteristic attribute:


  • It is demanded that the design or model, in the quality of its execution, goes beyond the known stock of designs and models (forms and colourings).


  • Effect of the registration of a design patent:


  • The registration of a design patent has the effect, that the holder alone is entitled to utilise the object of the design patent. All third parties are forbidden to produce or distribute copies or replicas of the design or model without the permission of the holder.


  • Representative:


  • Persons who are not resident and also have no offices in the country must nominate a locally appointed patent lawyer or legal counsel to handle the application on their behalf.